You can feel confident in the design, craftsmanship, and quality of your project. 

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How Refined construction ADDS VALUE

At Refined Construction we add value to each project by valuing YOUR time, YOUR property, and YOUR investments.

we prepare your space accordingly

Prior to the demo process, we prepare your space accordingly. We utilize a dust mitigation system to greatly reduce the amount of dust spread during the project. The extra bit of time and material it takes shows our respect for your prior investments in your home.


We require our team members to dress and conduct themselves professionally and respectfully. You will recognize us by our Refined gear and positive attitudes!

High Standard Of Craftsmanship

Whether you are remodeling your whole home or just freshening up a small space, Refined Construction always strives to produce outcomes and give you an experience that exceeds your expectations. This is accomplished not only by maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship and utilizing quality materials, but also through consistent open communication. With close to 20 years of experience in the industry, you can absolutely trust our expertise and knowledge to conduct your project above industry standards, but if you are the type of person that likes to ask questions, bring them on!

we go the extra mile

At Refined Construction we don’t cover up mistakes. Almost inevitably, when we open up a wall or remove a floor we see something that was done halfway/incorrectly that someone previously covered up. In construction, each step is built upon the rest. We firmly believe in the importance of doing even the little things right from start to finish.

Also, at Refined Construction we never just do the bare minimum to complete a project. Not only is that counterintuitive in an industry that relies heavily on referrals and repeat customers, but if you know our general contractor, Chris at all, you know that doing something halfway would only keep him up at night!

It is our goal to leave you loving your remodel so much, you will find yourself searching your house for the next project we can help you with!

Three-Year Workmanship Warranty

We honor a three-year workmanship warranty.

Reliable & Trustworthy

We have spent years building relationships with others in the industry; vendors, licensed and insured subs, and designers. Our team of trusted partners is tried and true. We would never allow someone on your project or in your home that we wouldn’t trust working amongst our own family. This allows you to have your project ran while you go about your normal life. Go to work, go to the grocery store, go on vacation! Most of our customers give us a garage code, a key to the house, or allow us to put a lockbox on their door. Interested in some referrals just to be safe? Just ask and we will put you in touch with some of our previous customers.