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Built to Serve.

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Refined Construction is owned and operated by Chris & Becca Sabes. What started as helping a friend tear off a roof one summer- turned into over two decades of work in the construction industry. Chris began doing mostly trim carpentry for new construction homes but when he went out on his own to start Refined Construction in 2010, it was soon apparent that he had a vision for more. He was drawn to transformations that required creativity, precision, and skill. After several years, Becca came to work for Refined Construction full time keeping the books, doing customer correspondence, assisting with the schedule, and design. Chris and Becca’s four children have grown up watching the company grow. You may notice the kids here and there at meetings, stopping at a job site, or loading up tools. Passion for entrepreneurship, a good work ethic, and a love for people is something they hope to share with their children. 

Chris and Becca Sabes



Refined Construction has always been more than just a way to make a living for our family. Our heart behind Refined Construction lies in our slogan, “Built To Serve.”

Yes, we have a passion for taking broken, useless, or out of date spaces and transforming them into functional, beautiful places you love to share. We also love people. We love meeting people and getting to know them. (It’s kind of hard not to when you are in someone’s house day after day!) We love blessing people. We love walking them through a process that most think will be intimidating, daunting, or intrusive and making it…FUN! We want to refine the remodel process. Our customers don’t need to worry, we’ve been through this before! While each job can present its challenges, we are professionals. We prepare every way we can, and we overcome when we encounter new challenges. We are constantly learning about new construction techniques and materials that will protect our customers investments or improve a process.

There is another level to our name and the passion we have for our work. We ourselves also know what it means to be refined. We were once completely broken and lost, but through God’s grace we are each day being refined to be more like Christ. Just like God works through imperfect and broken people, we often work with walls that aren’t level, flawed lumber, or materials that are backordered. Even so, we make it our goal to create beauty from brokenness if only to reflect what we have seen Him do in our own lives. (1 Peter 1:3-9)

This is our heart behind Refined Construction.